Man finds six-foot long alligator in his garage

BREVARD COUNTY, Flor. - What was a six-foot alligator doing in this Florida man's garage?

"I thought it was a fake alligator but who would put a fake alligator in my garage," homeowner Hank Stout said.

Well, it wasn't a fake.

"I wasn't worried about it but my wife was frantic," said Stout.

Stout caught the grisly gator hissing on camera before calling a trapper to get the gator out.

"The trapper said they don't really attack humans. I've never noticed they do," Stout said. "If they're hungry and you're in the water i know they'll get ya!"

"He was sleeping happily in the nice, warm garage until I woke him up," Stout said.

Yeah, right. Okay, if you say so.

See ya later, alligator!