Trump signs NASA bill while Jeff Bezos tests out-of-this-world robotic suit

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WASHINGTON-- It's time once more for NewsFix in Space!

Today's journey takes us to the far reaches of the "Red Planet" Mars.

Well, not exactly, but now that President Trump has signed the Cruz-Nelson NASA Transition Authorization Act, we can set course for America to re-visit the moon, the stars and Mars!

"It supports NASA's deep space exploration," Trump said.

NASA was so grateful to the Prez that they presented him with his very own flight suit.

So does this mean Trump may be headed to another planet?

"You could send Congress to space," Sen. Ted Cruz suggested.

"What a great idea, that could be in the future," Trump laughed.

Recently NASA uncovered a massive dormant volcano on the Red Planet which last spewed lava about 50 million years ago, right around the time dinosaurs became extinct on our planet.

Similar to NASA testing, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is testing the latest robotic suit. This robot suit stands 14 feet tall and just might be our only defense against any extraterrestrial visitors that NASA might dig up.

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