NewsFix in Space: Mars, Martians, Astronauts, oh my!

HOUSTON--Today's adventure takes us to the Red Planet, which really seems to be getting a lot of airtime lately.

A digital artist has gone to great lengths to capture the planet Mars.

The artist has used thousands of still photographs from NASA to create an amazing 3-D presentation of 33,000 high resolution images. The same camera that was used to create the presentation hasĀ been orbiting the Red Planet since 2006 and captured snake-like sand dunes and craters across the planet's surface.

Scientists said, the formations actually developed from winds sweeping across the planet.

The snake-like formations will not make it to the big screen but Mars will be featured in a highly anticipated new movie titled "Life".

"Are you going to bring the Martian back to Earth," a child asks in the trailer?

"No, we're gonna keep it up here -- we're gonna study it where it's safe," responds the other character.

Maybe NASA would like to be a part of the movie?

No One knows for sure but NASA is doing some major upgrades to get ready for a new docking ring for a commercial spacecraft.

Well, okay, it's not for aliens to visit but we can hardly wait!