Female high school student arrested after allegedly planning school massacre

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THURMONT, MD -- Columbine, Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech were all deadly school massacres carried out by young men.  You never hear about young girls plotting to shoot up their schools, but that is allegedly what almost happened in Maryland.

According to Maryland police, 18-year-old Nicole Cevario was amassing an arsenal loaded with a pump shotgun, fireworks and nails, which authorities believed would have been used to make pipe bombs.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said, "she certainly she had the intent, the material, the means - and we believe it was going to happen."

Cevario's dark behavior caught the attention of her father, who later turned her in to police.

"The father saw some behavioral changes over a period of time.  For whatever reason, he looked into her journal or her diary. He reported that to the school authorities and my deputies basically at the same time," Jenkins said.

In her diary, Cevario allegedly said she was prepared to die, writing about the Columbine and the Sandy Hook shootings.

"I knew something was up with her, but I would have never imagined that it was this bad," said a Catoctin High School student.

Cevario is currently undergoing mental health evaluations at a hospital. Upon release, she'll be taken into custody on explosive charges, facing up to 50 years in prison, if convicted.

But for now, an entire community is thankful for a father who spoke up before it was too late, preventing yet another school tragedy.