NewsFix in Space: NYC skyscraper that’s out of this world, tsunamis on Mars and more!

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NEW YORK — It's time once again for NewsFix in space!

Our latest adventure takes us to a new space invader; we're talking about a skyscraper from outer space.

An architectural firm in New York, Clouds Architecture Office, has designed plans for a massive high rise tower that will actually be built from the sky down and suspended over the Big Apple.

That's because the real ground floor will actually be over 31,000 miles away...attached to an asteroid orbiting the earth! And get this, the only way to leave the office is by parachute!

Who on earth would want an office in something like that?

Speaking of asteroids, let's pay a visit to the Red Planet to see what an asteroid did there.

Well,'s what's left of Martian beaches.

Scientists believe Mars once had a northern ocean, but it got wiped out by a giant asteroid crashing into it and causing mega-tsunamis with 1,000-foot waves!

Not exactly fit for surfing.

And Mars isn't the only place suffering massive storms, check out the view from space of this enormous cyclone hitting Australia.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall as a category 4 cyclone, which is like a category 3 hurricane here in the states.

It packed a punch, too, dropping eight inches of rain in an hour and nearly 200 mile-per-hour winds.

When the skies are clear above the Land Down Under, you won't believe your eyes.

These are the Southern Lights or the Aurora Australis.

And you can actually book a flight from New Zealand just to check out this far out sight.

But tickets are a bit pricey at $2,800 a pop!

Until next, keep watching the skies and keep watching NewsFix in space!