Caught On Camera: California road rage driver’s, car surfers on freeway

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CHULA VISTA, Cali. - Talk about taking it to the streets!

These two couples decided to take out their road rage frustrations in the middle of a busy street.

The women can be seen kicking, punching and pulling hair, while the men threw punches and body-slammed each other.

An off-duty cop who happened to be across the street stopped the vicious altercation.

Amazingly, charges were not pressed!

Another street video captured in Los Angeles shows a guy car surfing in traffic.

Witness Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs captured the crazy video while driving.

"I just saw someone start to get out the window and he made it all the way out of the window and was dancing on the side of the car," Driscoll-Frerichs said. "My only thought was that it was pretty dumb."

Well, let's hope they keep a closer eye on the LA freeways.

Oh, and don't try this at home...or on the freeway!