Inside Story: Houston’s hidden gem

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HOUSTON–The city of Houston is listed as the fourth largest city in the U.S. but most Houstonians aren't historically astute as they may believe.

Houston historian, R. W. McKinney, is the go to guy for all things Houston and revealed why Houston’s one of the leading cities in diversity.

“The reason why we are such a diverse city is because Houston, you can make it here. There’s opportunities here, the opportunity for growth,” said McKinney.

McKinney also delved into the city slogan and it's highly debatable pronunciation.

“The term is Native American. Some people say bay -u or bay-o. Former mayor Annise Parker famously called it the bay-o city, but most southerners call it the bay-u. We are the "Bayou City",” McKinney said.

Amidst the bayous and southern charm, McKinney said, there’s tons of hidden Houston gems waiting to be explored.

“You know my favorite hidden gem here is our downtown tunnel system. You got 17.5 miles of tunnel system. There’s dry cleaners, barber shops, restaurants, day care centers and it keeps you away from the elements. There’s value in that tunnel system and most people don’t think of that,” McKinney shared.

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