Taiwan will become the first Asian country to outlaw eating cats and dogs

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TAIPEI, Taiwan -Taiwan will soon be the first Asian country to take canines and felines off the menu.

The fact is, cat meat and dog meat are considered specialties in several Asian countries. But Taiwan's president says, not anymore.

President Tsai Ing-Wen is an animal lover. She even has two cats and three dogs for pets. She's about to sign amendments that ban slaughtering cats and dogs for consumption as part of Taiwan's Animal Protection Act.

Breaking the new law will be pricey.

Dining on cats and dogs carries an $8,000.00 fine.

Slaughtering them could mean a $60,000.00 fine and up to two years in jail.

Repeat offenders can expect public humiliation.

According to Taiwan News, they'll be named and shamed.

With the new legislation, you can also say, sayonara to walking a dog while riding a scooter in Taiwan.

Animal rights activists are giving the Taiwanese government two paws up.

I'm sure the cats and dogs are happy too.