Simon Says: Customer service really sucks!

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Ok, you were shocked, horrified, and disgusted by what happened on that United flight.

Sure, it’s a textbook case on how to fail with public relations, but it’s also a bad sign how so many companies just don’t have time or don't care about basic customer service anymore.  It shouldn’t be a shock that we got to a place where someone thought it was ok to drag a guy off a plane.

Admit it.

We live in a country where many companies don’t literally talk to their customers anymore. Basic social skills and interaction are becoming extinct.

Think about this when you’re calling your favorite company and you’re pressing 1 or pressing 2, it's with an automated operator.

This story about sucky customer service was onto something when it suggested, companies are more concerned about likes and followers than dealing with you one to one.

We need to face the truth that not being face to face is a major problem everywhere while losing touch can mean you lose millions.

Every company is doing itself a disservice if it forgets service and how to talk its customers.

Hey CEO out there, an overbooked flight wasn’t the issue.


Overlooking common courtesy definitely was.