NewsFix in Space: NASA announces possible life on another planet

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WASHINGTON--NASA has announced that there may be proof of life outside of earth.

Scientists used to believe oceans made our planet unique but now NASA says ocean worlds are all around us.

The space agency says Saturn's icy moon called Enceladus has almost all the ingredients to support life.

In fact, Enceladus may have methane breathing alien life already there.

Scientists say one of Saturn's outer rings was actually formed from hydrogen rich water and ice being released from Enceladus.

"This is a very significant finding because the hydrogen could be a potential source of chemical energy for any microbes that might be in Enceladus ocean," NASA Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker said.

Like Enceladus, Jupiter's moon Europa also has ocean plumes erupting.

And speaking of strange sights, check out these incredible solar flares from the sun.

Scientists said when the flares light up, they can affect our GPS and other communication devices.

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