Dove builds nest on police cruiser in Pearland

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PEARLAND, Texas-- The Pearland Police Department vows to protect and serve and that includes their feathered friends

A mourning dove recently chose a Pearland police cruiser as the new home for her and her nest of eggs.

"Every time the guys pull into the parking lot, instead of taking the backside of the employee parking lot, I see them come this way quite often, so they may not say it, but they all check on her," said Officer James Wells, of the Pearland Police Department.

Thanks to a Facebook vote on the department's Facebook page, the newest member of the force has been named Pearl.

To protect their new member. Cones, and police tape have been set up around the perimeter of the police cruiser, which is out of commission until this mama bird's babies hatch.

"After they hatch, they normally take two or three days before they can start feeding on insects and what not, and then about another week before they're ready to fly. So, Pearl's not going anywhere, and we're excited to see the little ones," Wells said.

How's that for police protection.