Info Wars founder Alex Jones denies lawyers claims

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AUSTIN, Texas-- Right Wing commentator Alex Jones continued his custody battle fight in an Austin court on Wednesday.

The recent claims by his lawyer of a fake persona has Jones denying such claims.

Jones suggested to the court that he's only acting when in costume.

"Obviously, if I dress up in a lizard outfit for a skit on Star Trek, I don't believe that," Jones said. "So, the media is deceiving everywhere. I, 110 percent believe what I stand for."

Jones ex-wife Kelly claims that her former husband is the same unstable person at home that you see on his internet TV show.

Jones ex- wife recalled that Jones said he wanted to break Alec Baldwin's neck and hoped J-lo would get raped.

"I use satire things when I'm being funny," Jones said.

Well, the devil is in the details since a case manager reportedly testified Jones was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and even took his shirt off during a therapy session.

That little tidbit just might sway the jury in a big way.