Simon Says: I know why you won’t read this!

HOUSTON-- I was going through social media recently and I noticed most videos today have big subtitles and not much depth.

Think about it, there’s not much to comprehend with these kinds of videos and you don’t need much time with them either.

There’s a reason why we’re all getting served this kind of thing.

To put it bluntly: we’ve stopped reading.

We’re reading fewer books, we’re only reading headlines and some studies suggest society only spends about 15 seconds on news content after it gets near your thumb. All of us are guilty, and in some way, it makes us less informed than we used to be.

Technology is killing the local library and the bookstore near you.

Since no one seems to be reading anymore we could have a whole generation with no sense of the past, which means no sense of context and no history.

Ask Sean Spicer how he felt after talking about Hitler and chemical weapons. Sure, he apologized, but how many people do you know who are making mistakes like that every day and getting away with it? A lot more than your crazy uncle, right?

If we don’t hit the books soon, we’re going to wake-up one day with no sense of how we got here and that could mean making the same mistakes over and over again.

The writing's on the wall, people.

Now read it before it’s too late.