Billionaire Richard Branson opens world’s first dyslexic sperm bank in London

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LONDON-- Many people aren't familiar with dyslexia but that's about to change in a major way.

Virgin Group chairman and founder Richard Branson has formed a UK charity organization called Made by Dyslexia to help people see dyslexia as an asset instead of a weakness.

The sperm bank is generating lots of buzz but it wasn't really created to accept donors just to create awareness.

Branson was born with dyslexia but didn't let that stop him from becoming a highly successful billionaire.

Now he wants to raise awareness that dyslexia does not have to be seen as a handicap.

At the Made by Dyslexia sperm bank in London visitors are reminded that geniuses like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and John Lennon also had dyslexia.

Even TV legend Henry Winkler-- 'The Fonz'-- had to overcome the stigma of dyslexia growing up.

"When I was in school I was called lazy, unmotivated, sometimes just plain stupid," Branson said. "Actually, I was none of those things but I am dyslexic."

Now Branson wants others to know that if dyslexic kids get the proper treatment and handling in school they can go on to do great things like he did.