WATCH: Plane crashes next to a busy street, sending giant fireballs in the sky

The word ‘dramatic’ is used so often that it’s now a cliche.

But there is no other way to describe what a car dashcam captured on a busy street in Mukilteo, Washington, on Tuesday.

As cars inched forward in traffic, a plane flies into view. It clips power lines and crashes, sending two giant fireballs into the sky. Fortunately, no one — the pilot or his passenger — was injured, police said.

Investigators told CNN affiliate Q13FOX that the plane took off from a nearby airport around 3.30 p.m. and, shortly afterward, began losing engine power.

Unable to make it back to the airport, the pilot tried to land on a clear road when he clipped the power lines and a street light. The collision ruptured a fuel cell, causing the explosion that the video captured.

The explosion knocked out power to the area. But it was quickly restored.