American Airlines plans to cut leg-room on new 737s to squeeze in more seats

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HOUSTON - Talk about a tight squeeze!

Just when you thought flying couldn't get any more uncomfortable-- American Airlines is reducing leg-room on it's 737 max jetliners.

This move could make for some really fussy flights!

Yep, they're shrinking the space between seats by two inches on the three back rows and by one-inch everywhere else in Economy class, all so they can put more seats on the plane!

So, what do passengers think about being squeezed out?

"Frankly, I have a problem with paying the same amount of money for less space," passenger Marcus Jacks declared.

"If this was my actual seat, I would honestly feel perfectly fine with it," Justina Darey suggested. "Like I say, losing an inch is not like you're losing a whole bunch."

"It's about the dollar, it's not about the customer," traveler Monica Harper insisted. "And we're the reason why you are in business."

Even in Congress, the airlines are feeling the backlash.

"I was gonna ask only slightly in jest why do you hate the American people," U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter questioned during a congressional hearing earlier in the week.

American is following in the footsteps....or rather, leg-room...of ultra low-cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier.

"They're giving you an inconvenience and still charging you the same thing, so it's kind of like they're ripping you off," frequent flier Huey Tran decided.

"It's bad enough that seats and the area that you sit in is small enough, and to take any inches away from that will be just a disaster!" Harper said.

It's safe to say these changes probably aren't going to sit too well with passengers!