Bereaved family accuses Galveston County Sheriff’s Office of excessive force

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GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - A family from San Leon is heartbroken after losing their husband, father and brother, and they blame the Galveston County Sheriff's Office for his death. Jeronimo Zamora, Jr., 46, died after an altercation with sheriff's deputies. But his family doesn't think the sheriff's office has been transparent.

Last week, Zamora was home when he had a medical episode. His wife called 911 for an ambulance, but instead, seven deputies showed up. The family's attorney says Zamora eventually got scared and tried to get away from the officers, but they wouldn't let him leave. The family's attorney says they beat Zamora and he died from his injuries at the hospital.

The sheriff's department says Zamora had a knife, tried several times to punch deputies and reached for one of their guns. But his family says he was not a threat.

The family's attorney says Galveston County officers have a history of excessive force allegations.