Quanell X: ‘Shocking, horrific’ audio proves suspect charged in Subway teen’s shooting death may be innocent

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HOUSTON -- The man charged in the fatal shooting of a teen boy who died while trying to protect his mother during a robbery at a Subway restaurant turned himself in Friday, with community activist Quanell X by his side.

Jeffery Cordero Archangel, 25, is charged with capital murder for his role in the killing of 18-year-old Javier Flores.

According to Houston police, two male suspects entered the Subway restaurant in the 3900 block of Broadway on Feb. 22 and held an employee, Flores' mother, at gunpoint.

Flores, who worked with his mother, tried to intervene and was shot in the neck. The suspects fled the scene.

Paramedics with the Houston Fire Department transported Flores to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The teen was just a few months shy of graduating from Chavez High School.

On the same night, another Subway restaurant in the 4800 block of San Jacinto, but no employees were physically harmed. After surveillance video was released, Archangel was charged in that robbery, and was later released after posting a $30,000 bond.

He was not charged in Flores' shooting death until May 4, but maintains his innocence in both cases.

After turning himself in to authorities Friday afternoon, Quanell X, who escorted him, said there is evidence proving police may have fingered the wrong guy.

"The young man was very adamant that he was not the shooter and, shockingly, I was able to listen to a recording of the actual shooter that broke down in detail how the murder took place and how the robbery took place," Quanell X said. "There is another suspect that is still out there that has openly confessed to being the shooter. He gave explicit details of how it happened."

Quanell X said Archangel told him he was not present for any of the robberies. He is a local rapper who was in the recording studio on that evening.

"He says he was in the rap studio when his manager came to him and said 'Look you are on the news, you are on the websites,'" Quanell X said.

He went on to suggest that the actual shooter is Archangel's sister's boyfriend, and said he heard audio that proves Archangel is not the shooter. Quanell X said what he listened to was a "quite shocking, quite horrific confession."

"This young man maintains his innocence. He didn't shoot anybody. In fact, he says he was not even there and there is some information in the recording that suggests he was not there, but the young man who confessed on the recording that he is the actual shooter had details from A to Z. That's for law enforcement to sort through. That's for law enforcement to handle; who played what role and who did what."

He went on to say, "I feel that his side of the story should truly be listened to, but I 1000 percent believe they [police] need to listen to the recording. The recording is detailed, extremely detailed, that only the actual killer would have known. It wasn't somebody just piecing little pieces together. He went point by point, blow by blow."

Quanell X said Archangel decided to turn himself in peacefully because he did not want to be harmed and wanted the opportunity to clear his name. The community activist said, after listening to the evidence, there should be little doubt of Archangel's innocence.

"The actual audio is compelling, it put chills up my spine when I listened to it," he said.

Quanell X acknowledged the Flores family and expressed regret for what they are going through.

"I pray that the victim's family has some degree of closure and can get justice in this case. But I want the family to know there is still one more young man in this case that needs to be arrested and hopefully by God's grace that can get done safely," he said.