How old are you? Have you Peaked?

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HOUSTON -- H-town, are you ready to put your numbers to the test?

And by numbers, I mean your age. It turns out 35 is the "not-so lucky" peak age for lads in the U.K. when it comes to being lonely.

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness surveyed 1,200 British men and concluded that 35 is the average age men feel most lonely, calling it a "silent epidemic."

It doesn't stop with loneliness. We found other age milestone peaks of interest are when do women peak in attractiveness?

Okcupid crunched the numbers and say men prefer women ages 20 to 23 years old.

For all you creative geniuses out there, be prepared to peak at age 25. Don't worry if you feel like you missed a peak, the ultimate low will hit at age 44, that's when peak of depression is found to be.

Life is filled with peaks and valleys, but it beats the alternative, right?