The Eagles launch lawsuit against ‘Hotel California’ in Mexico

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TODOS SANTOS, Mexico.-- The Eagles etched their name in music history when they released the now infamous song Hotel California by The Eagles.

Now the legendary band is suing the Hotel California in Mexico for trademark infringement and trying to profit off the classic tune.

The band is accusing the hotel owners of falsely marketing the hotel by piping in Eagles music and selling related items in the gift shop.

The Hotel California in Baja California, Mexico, actually opened in 1950 about 26 years before the band's famous song was released. The hotel's name and owners reportedly changed over the years until the new owners renamed it Hotel California back in 2001.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the hotel in the famous album cover is actually the Beverly Hills Hotel. That Beverly Hills hotel actually threatened to sue the band until their attorney reminded hotel management that its bookings actually tripled after the song came out.


The Mexican 'Hotel California' owners have not commented on the suit.