Gang retaliation at a memorial service leaves two dead in Chicago

CHICAGO-- An alleged act of gang retaliation Sunday afternoon has left two dead and eight others injured on the city’s southwest side.

Believe it or not, the shooting happened at a memorial service for a man killed earlier in the day.

A group was praying for a 26-year-old who was shot and killed around sunrise.

"Two guys came out.  They were wearing black masks.  They stopped like at the end of the ally, and they came out with two big rifles and started shooting up,” memorial service attendee Alejandra Jacobo said.

As of now no one has been arrested but according to police they have a pretty good idea who they're looking for.

Footage capturing the violent scene showed the area flooded with tactical teams, though.

"Second time in a week we're here talking about assault weapons being used in our communities,” resident Raymond Lopez said.

So far this year, more than 1,000 people have been shot in Chicago and about 20 percent of those have been fatal.