Want to make a baby? There’s an app for that!

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SYDNEY, Australia - A new App is bringing couples together for the sole purpose of making a baby.

The app is called Just A Baby and it's a little like Tinder.

Although the app was developed in Australia, it launched in the U.S. and UK Monday.

"And this is for anyone. Married, single, gay or lesbian," Jaquie Blaze of Just A Baby said. "If you're looking to have a baby for the purpose of bringing love into the world, log onto the app."

Instead of dating info, users fill out a biological profile and become either sperm donors, egg donors or co-parents.

The app's creator said, it's designed for millennials who are often very mobile and put off having kids.

Once a baby is made, you're on your own. This app is not responsible for any legal or surrogacy arrangements.

The new app made its debut just in time for Mother's Day.

Happy baby-making, ya'll.