CDC blames rise in Hepatitis C infections on opioid epidemic

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HOUSTON--Thanks to new numbers from the Centers for Disease Control, they’ve now linked a 300 percent increase in Hepatitis C infections with the opioid abuse epidemic ripping through the nation.

In seven states, the unprecedented growth in Hep C infections, from 2010 to 2015, is double the national average.

Those same seven states have also seen a big increase in drug overdose deaths in recent years.

The trend is folks that get addicted to prescription opiates downgrade to street heroin when their supply dries up or when they run out of cash.

Share a needle with the wrong drug addict, and bam. Their infected blood mixes and you’ve got a new Hep C infection.

Even though some therapies can cure more than 90 percent of Hep C infections, in 2013, 19,000 people died from the liver attacking disease.

Even if your mom always told you to share, she also told you don’t do drugs.

For those that do, don’t share the needles.