Medieval fight club in Ohio draws hundreds to play ancient version of ‘Paintball’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio - Talk about an old fashioned beat down.

These jousters and wannabe knights in Ohio are the ultimate 'weekend warriors!'

"It's like paintball but we use swords and shields instead of paintball guns," one fighter said.

Members call this Dagorhir after a game loosely based on 'Lord of the Rings,' but some people call it 'Medieval fight club.'

"They give you a sword and a shield and say '"go out there and have fun,'" one recruit shared.

But all the weapons and shields are actually foam-padded, color-coded and they use numbers to keep score.

Red means a person can be taken out with one hit.

"If you get hit in an arm it goes behind your back," a game organizer said. "If you get hit in the leg, you kneel down. If you lose two limbs or one shot to the torso, you're out for the round."

Some battles draw up to a thousand people.

"We're coast to coast now," a member said. "There's groups in Canada and Puerto Rico, I believe."


Let the games begin.