Sushi linked to painful parasite

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LISBON, Portugal-- A man in Portugal had to be treated for parasites after eating raw sushi.

The patient had been suffering from stomach pain, fever and vomiting for a week before he went to the doctor.

The area below the man's ribs was sore and a blood test revealed he had inflammation. When he told doctors that he had recently eaten sushi, they suspected he had parasites known as nematode worms called Anisakidae. They're larva is found in undercooked fish, squid and salmon is a common offender.

Doctors found a worm larvae attached to the patient's stomach lining and used a special kind of net to remove it. The man's symptoms went away almost immediately.

Infections like this are mostly seen in Asia where consuming raw fish is more common.

Doctors warn that the rising popularity of sushi in the west could lead to more cases here.

The parasites are not found in freshwater fish. So maybe the next time you're craving a slice of sashimi you better head to the river and catch your own.