Mother and daughter graduate together for Mother’s Day

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MINNEAPOLIS - " ...It'll be a priceless moment. It'll definitely be a priceless moment."

That's what Kyle Samejima said earlier this week. She graduated from high school years ago and she probably didn't envision graduating college would take so long

"I call it my 25-year degree program..."

She took a long time off as she worked as a sous chef, got married and had three daughters. Four years ago, Kyle decided to hit the books again by enrolling in the University of Minnesota to study sustainability issues.

Her daughter Sora was enrolling into the same university at the same time to study child psychology

Sora says, "She's basically a straight-A student so she worked really hard. She worked too hard. Oh my goodness."
"It's true. I raised my hand a lot."

Mom and daughter would become study buddies over those four years. and it would always be exciting when the two ran into each other on campus.

Kyle says, "Honestly, that was so special because I yelled- "that's my daughter!" And we ran towards each other down the street. It was really sweet."

On this Mother's Day, things are even more special. kyle and sora will receive their college diplomas within minutes of each other

Sora says, "She made a lot of sacrifices. Put off school and raised us and gave us such a great childhood experience. And I'm just so proud that she is finishing it now with me."

Walking away with diplomas is better than any card, flowers, or chocolates they could have received.

Can't think of a sweeter Mother's Day.