Former NFL player Antonio Cromartie expecting his 14th child, wife says

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It’s baby season, ya’ll! And nothing can stop it — apparently, not even a vasectomy.

The wife of former NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie has announced the birth of the player’s fourteenth child. In an adorable draft-themed Instagram post on Monday, Terricka Cromartie showed off her beautiful baby bump painted with both a blue and pink handprint. It will be the couple’s sixth child together.

The announcement comes not months — but years — after Cromartie had his man tubes snipped, snipped to stop his little guys. He got the procedure after his wife gave birth to twins in 2016, but now Terricka Cromartie is reportedly 25 weeks pregnant, according to TMZ.

Like all amazing things on the internet, many people are already calling the post FAKE! TMZ reports several people close to the couple have confirm the pregnancy is legit. However, Terricka added #bowwowchallange to the end of the post, casting doubt on the announcement.

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And again, super sperm? How does he continue to impregnate his wife even after the surgery. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the likelihood of pregnancy after a vasectomy is less than 1% but still possible depending on the success of the surgery.

Cromartie had a short stint with the Indianapolis Colts, playing in four games last year before the end of his 11-season career.

Antonio and Terricka have not revealed the gender of the child…but boy or girl, we’re hoping he’ll remember this child’s name!