‘Faces of LGBTQ Texas’: Sharing stories to change lives

HOUSTON - More than 40 Houstonians took part in "Faces of LGBTQ Texas," a storytelling photo series from The Change Project.

The campaign aims to raise the visibility of LGBTQ Americans.

Participants fill out an interview form and then have a mini photo shoot. Later, their pictures and a story describing them will appear on FacesOfLGBTQAmerica.org.

"We encourage folks to share their stories far and wide and then people will begin to read and understand there's a bigger and larger community out there," said Steven Romeo, the founder and executive director of The Change Project.

Transform Houston helped organize the Houston photo session.

"Coming out is a really intense part of every LGBTQ person's life," said Romeo, who is also the photographer for the project. "We know storytelling is a way to create a positive life outcome."

By sharing the stories on social media, Romeo hopes young people will see there are people in the LGBTQ community that are successful in a variety of different fields.