Is ‘wine in a can’ this summer’s hottest beverage?

SAN FRANCISCO -- If you're looking for this summer's go-to beverage, look no further.

Canned wine is suddenly all the rage and some predict it's going to be the hottest drink around this summer.

Even the Indy 500 is featuring canned wine this year and one can will set you back $6.

If that price tag is a little high for your personal palette, Trader Joe's is offering a sparkling vino called 'Simpler Wines' that sells in a four pack for only four bucks.

Not even Two-Buck Chuck can beat that price.

Fresh converts say they love the convenience of sipping from a can in a movie theater, poolside or even at the beach.

But will real wine drinkers really accept wine in a can?

Well, guess we'll have to sip on that and see.