Scientists discover rare strain of superbug in Houston

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HOUSTON- A rare 'superbug' has been buzzing around the Bayou City.

Researchers from the Houston Methodist Research Institute found 1777 infections of a rare strain of Klebsiella Pneumoniae in Houston Methodist system patients

The uncommon cases were found between 2011 and 2015.

'K. Phnuemoniae' is an extremely common bacteria found in human intestines, but when it gets into other parts of the body it can wreak havoc with infection.

Most strains can be treated with antibiotics, but clone type 307, the type focused on in the research is somewhat resistant.

“We didn’t have any strains in our hospital that were completely resistant to treatment,” said Dr. S Wesley Long of Houston Methodist.

The research stands to really help scientists.

“It gave us the ability working with our colleagues and collaborators in Chicago, to generate new and very sophisticated computerized molecular tests to identify drug resistant strains faster and that will permit us in the future as we move it into patients to really be able to target better treatments in a faster fashion,” Dr. Jim Musser, MD, PhD

Another goal is to vaccinate against this infection altogether. Don’t take antibiotics if you don’t absolutely need them.

The less antibiotics bacteria run into, the less they know about how to resist.