You’ve got to bee kidding: A London swarm and a million dollar heist

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LONDON -- Rush hour was buzzin' for a different reason in London Tuesday.

Cell phone video shows a massive swarm of bees hovering on a street corner in southeast London, buggin' the heck out of pedestrians!

Buzzing back across the pond in Sacramento, Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies say Pavel Tveretinov, 51, stole close to a million dollars worth of bees over the course of three years.

Why, you ask, would anyone on earth want to do that?

"When the pollination fees went from about $40 to a $150 and up, it made it more lucrative for thieves to take that easy way out," said beekeper Fred Stewart.

Detectives said the bee thief was using the hives to earn pollination fees, lying to the orchards employing him, claiming the bees were his. They also believe the guy was planning to sell the honey.

"Oh, the honey will be worth a lot," said Stewart.

Geez, didn't anyone tell this son-of-a-bee-sting to mind his own beeswax?