UK music festivals to offer ‘drug testing’ for recreational users

LONDON — This summer, 'drug testing' has a whole different meaning across the pond!

Yep, some of the biggest music festivals in the UK, like Reading & Leeds and others, are trying out a new program where festival goers can have their drugs tested to make sure they are safe before taking them.

And get this, the whole thing has the blessing of the cops! It's all designed to help recreational drug users stay safe.

The way it works is festival goers can take a drug sample to a tent on-site where they will be tested by a forensics group.

But there is one catch: after the drug sample is tested to see what's in it, the remainder gets destroyed.

Some say it's refreshing that police are prioritizing health and safety over criminal justice. Afterall, it's really about saving lives.

Last year, three British teens died taking drugs at summer festivals there.

A little closer to home, an 18-year-old cheerleader from The Woodlands, Megan Tilton, also died last summer after reportedly taking tainted ecstasy at Houston's Summer Fest.

In Britain, the authorities feel it is worth the trade-off to do whatever they can to prevent such tragedies.

So, festivals may have a new slogan soon—be safe and get tested!