NewsFix in Space: Juno jumps all around Jupiter, a partial solar eclipse spotted by NASA, and the first 3D-printed rocket blasts off!

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OUTER SPACE -- And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us to the planet Jupiter.....where NASA's Juno spacecraft is revealing all kinds of things on the Giant Planet, like its earth-size polar cyclones.

And that Jupiter's magnetic field is 10 times stronger than Earth's!

Scientists have also learned that wells of ammonia on Jupiter form violent weather storms in the deep atmosphere.

Maybe Jupiter should get a new nickname.....'the Stormy Planet!'

Meanwhile, across the galaxy.....let's soak up some rays!

Well actually, it's the moon headed straight for the sun.

This happens all the time....well, at least every partial solar eclipse.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught this incredible sight.

And the moon covered about 89 percent of the sun at its peak.

And down in New's the world's first 3D-printed rocket which has successfully blasted off into outer space!

This battery-powered rocket was created by Silicon Valley-funded 'Rocket Lab,' which is putting the Land of Kiwi on the map as a potential space hub.

Finally.....take a look at this gem in outer space-- that's the Crab Nebula.

This amazing shot came from five different astronomers' telescopes.

The crab nebula was created by a supernova explosion seen on earth back in 1054.

It's quite a dancing neutron star!

Until next time, keep watching the skies....and keep watching NewsFix in Space!