Bill O’Brien isn’t stressing out about the ‘not real football’ of OTAs

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HOUSTON - Texans head coach Bill O'Brien doesn't see Organized Team Activities as the be all, end all of his off season.

"It's OTAs and it's not real football," O'Brien said. "They are in their gym shorts, jerseys, helmets, no pads. The true test will be in West Virginia."

Before the Texans hold training camp in West Virginia though, Tom Savage is getting used to his role as the team's starting quarterback, taking advantage of these practices.

"I think a little more of it is in the communication, obviously, with some of the guys," Savage said. "When you're a third-string quarterback, you're not really going up to DeAndre Hopkins and telling him how you want a bow route or something. Now communication comes in and you have to be on the same page with all of them. That's what we're working on now."

While Savage gets more reps with the first team, Texans first round pick Deshaun Watson is still getting situated with his new team.

"He's gotten better every day," O'Brien said of the rookie quarterback. "I think the hard part about this week is there's more snaps in the red zone where things happen a lot faster down there. That's always something that takes a rookie quarterback probably the longest to learn how fast things happen down there, but he works hard. He's in here all the time studying."