Landmark Frenchy’s Chicken to be relocated for Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church expansion

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HOUSTON-- No place in Houston does chicken quite like Frenchy’s, and last year, when Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church announced they would be tearing down the original Frenchy’s, Houstonians were heartbroken! Not to worry, though, things might even be getting better.

"For 2018 is a renovation, Wheeler is renovating and expanding and so is Frenchy's and we're going to move just two blocks up the street, and we've been working with Wheeler to let them have the space Frenchy's had occupied for 48 years,” said Percy “King” Creuzot, Frenchy’s owner.

"By them moving to another place where they can have an enlarged location, we'll be able to expand our sanctuary while they expand their business. It's going to be great for both partners and we're excited about it," explained Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

Wheeler Avenue and Frenchy’s hosted a fun-filled celebration Wednesday to announce the changes.  The two establishments offered live music from Wheeler’s church choir and refreshments, of course served by Frenchy’s, to inform the community and give them time to embrace the new change.

The restaurant and the church are both considered by many to be historical landmarks in the Bayou City. The expansion and move comes at a time of gentrification throughout the entire southeast Houston district, which is being met with mixed emotions by the public.

"This is a landmark, people been coming here 20 to 30 years. I don't see why they should tear it down. They should leave it just like it is, just like it was. Mr. Frenchy used to sit here!!!!" said Napolean Bush, a Frenchy's lover. "The ambiance!! The whole.....this is the place."

"It's not the original building, but it's gonna be great; same chicken, same people, same employees, you gotta love it," said James Will Turner, a Frenchy’s employee.

So how will this affect the community?

Frenchy’s will be torn down to make room for the church to expand, which will allow Frenchy’s to move to a larger location two blocks down. Creuzot and Cosby have come to an agreement to ensure that the community will not be let down.

So it looks like devout Frenchy's followers will be moving down Scott Street for their crunchy chicken fix!