Guy gives girlfriend flowers that turn out to be kale

HOUSTON-- Nothing say's I'm sorry quite like a fresh bouquet of produce.

That's right, 20 year old, Jamarcus Guillory surprised his girlfriend, Jaiyln Hernandez with flowers that turned out to be a bunch of kale.

Guillory noticed the Kale in a box at his job and thought it would make a great gift for Hernandez.

"It was outside of the box on the floor so I figured nobody was going to use it, i thought of my girlfriend so I brought it to her and it changed everything", said Guillory.

Hernandez couldn't stop laughing when she finally realized exactly what she had been gifted.

"I was like what is that? I opened my eyes more clearly and realized it was some type of lettuce, so i started laughing", said Hernandez.

Hernandez took to social media with a post of Guillory's flower mix-up and the internet immediately fell in love with the couple.

Lettuce forgive Jamarcus.

Now, that's a healthy relationship!