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‘Can’t rain on my parade!’: Social media shows patrons having wet, wonderful time before Free Press shutdown

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BY: Ciara Rouege and Natalie Hee

HOUSTON — Life isn't about waiting out the storm— it's about learning to dance in the rain! (Only when it's safe, of course!)

The weekend took a sharp turn into hazardous weather, causing most of our plans to fall through — including the shutdown of Free Press Summer Festival a little earlier than anticipated.

There was a mixture of emotions seen by the crowd and expressed via social media. Some patrons enjoyed the dancing in the rain while others are asking the festival organizers to consider switching the festival to a new month.

The festival has been flooded the last four years in a row leaving the outdoor music festival scrambling to come up with a plan.

Susan Christian is the Director of Special Events for the City of Houston. She said the number of ticket sales for Free Press Summer Fest this year were down considerably and the city is now working with festival organizers on assessing what to do for next year.

“We just need to try and land on a date that maybe isn’t as rainy, or you know, have better luck. I really do applaud the managing company though because they are so well organized and good at what they do. As far as venues go, we’ve done some of the largest events in the world here in Houston, but our venues are limited especially for this kind of crowd size. And certainly all that will be taken into account when we look at options for next year," Christian said.

“It's the beginning of hurricane season and a lot of rain, so maybe it would be better for them to change it to a month before or a month after,” Marcio Dufranc said.



But despite those bad reviews other festival goers were determined to enjoy every ounce of fun possible on Saturday.


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#fpsf was a shit show but here's a picture I got of all the glitter in the mud yesterday

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Here's to a dryer turnout next year 🤷🏻‍♂️ #FPSF

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