Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has a message for criminals

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HOUSTON- It's been six months since Chief Art Acevedo took over leadership of the Houston Police Department and he's handled more in half a year, than most Chiefs do in their entire careers.

Such as, Super Bowl LI.

"This Police Department and this community we were on the world's stage and it was the privilege of a lifetime to be part of a moment in Houston's history," said Acevedo.

Who could forget 'Jerseygate.'

"Who is Tom Brady, again?" joked Acevedo. But all jokes aside, most of Acevdeo's early tasks have been no laughing matter.

Like sanctuary cities.

As a minority, many Houstonians have looked to him for guidance and since arriving from Austin, Acevedo's crackdown on violent crime has been a top priority!

"In the past, we have not done a great job of investigating non-fatal shootings, the key to reducing homicides, is solving non-fatal shootings," said Acevedo.

The chief added, the gang task force unit now works night and weekends, a change he implemented.

Acevedo had a clear message for gang members, "To the gangsters out there, know this, we're gonna start working smarter, we're gonna start working harder and we're gonna come after you. If you wanna play the fool, don't play the fool in the city of Houston because it's a new day in Houston."

With a guy like Acevedo at the helm, it's safe to say, "Don't mess with Houston, Texas."