Dumbass of the Day: Accused drug dealer flashes cash on Facebook Live as SWAT team moves in

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - They say crime dosent pay, but don't tell that to a Jacksonville man who loves to flash around wads of cash on Facebook Live.

Breon Hollings, a suspected drug dealer, was captured on the social media app in the middle of being arrested by SWAT.

"Catch up, man! We got money over here, man!" Hollings said in the posted video.

Incredibly, this guy went on and on about all this cash he had on hand.

"Catch up, man. You're f***ing playing catch up, man," Hollings said.

Just one problem...flashing all that cash on Facebook Live means the whole world can see it.

"This f***ing don't stop, man. This f***ing don't stop, man," Hollings said, just before he did stop with his impromptu video.

That's when he realized the police were at his front door.

"This is the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. We have a search warrant. Open the front door!" a SWAT officer called out.

Neighbors said the SWAT team broke into Hollings' front door and threw smoke grenades through the window.

"They were just telling us to keep the kids inside," a neighbor said.

"Ya'll keep pushing!" a SWAT member said, just as they burst into Hollings' mobile home and arrested him.

Now this money-flasher is facing drug and weapons charges.

Way to go, dude. You just became our Dumbass of the Day!