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Man caught using cellphone to film up woman’s dress at H-E-B, police say

CYPRESS, Texas– A man has been arrested after being caught using his cellphone to film and photograph up a woman’s dress at a grocery store.

A 21-year-old woman was on the dairy aisle at H-E-B located at 9722 Fry Rd. on May 31, when Wilfredo Orrego, 61, told her that he saw a man use his phone to look underneath her dress.

The woman contacted the store manager and the police, who pulled the surveillance footage at the store.

The store camera caught Isaac Fabian Smith, 20, bending down and placing his phone underneath the woman’s dress to record and photograph her.

Police used surveillance footage from the parking lot to retain Smith’s license plate number, which led them to his home address.

Smith has been charged with improper photography and visual recording.