Move over Pizza Rat — meet Baby, the Spaghetti Rat!

NEW YORK — After Pizza Rat took the internet by storm— Spaghetti Rat is now trying to take over the coveted title!

A video of a little rat named Baby eating strands of spaghetti has surfaced on the internet. The video was filmed a year ago, but is now getting some attention.

Baby is channeling its inner Ratatouille,” Pixar’s animated movie featuring a rat who is a chef in Paris.

Last month, Pizza Rat, the rat that was filmed dragging a slice of pizza down New York City subway stairs, was the most talked about rat on the internet. It became a trending topic on all social media sites and even caused some to create a Twitter handle on its behalf.

This article was originally written and published by Katherine Lam of CW39-affiliate Pix 11.