Suspect in at least 3 Denton home burglaries arrested, police say

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DENTON, Texas — A man accused in at least three home burglary investigations has been arrested, according to the Denton Police Department. In several incidents, investigators said the man confessed to having intentions of committing sexual assault.

Earl Leroy Thompson was sought in connection to two warrants for attempted burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony.

During an interview, the police department said the suspect confessed and provided details to his involvement in three prior burglaries where he intended to commit a sexual assault back in February and May. Police said the alleged burglaries took place at two different homes on W. Oak Street in Denton — one in February and the other in May — and a third at a home on W. Hickory Street in May.

The University of North Texas and Denton police contacted Thompson two separate times in May after investigators said the suspect was involved in suspicious activity near the area of reported assaults. Thompson son became ta person of interest, and Denton police placed the suspect under intensive surveillance while continuing to forensic evidence.

While following Thompson, police said officers saw him attempt to enter an apartment in the 400 block of Withers Street but fail. Police reached out to the potential victim and obtained warrants for Thompson’s arrest.

The police department is currently awaiting warrants for the February and May burglaries.

Although Thompson is in police custody, the investigations are still ongoing.