Critter News: Peacock walks into a liquor store, bear plays piano and more!

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Talk about a bear-y hungry critter!

A Colorado bear broke into a home to find some food, but found a piano instead. He actually tickled the ivories a bit, too!

Yep, just call him 'bear-thoven!'

"I thought it was a burglar or someone had came inside," homeowner Katie Hawley said.

It was a very furry burglar—caught on surveillance!

"And he climbed through this window," Hawley said.

And then the bear made his way around the living room.

"And then he comes over to the piano," Hawley said. "And plays the piano."

Then the big guy decided to make himself a snack, opening a jar of peanut butter and also pulling out a bag of berry blend from the freezer.

"Every time I walk in the door now, now I open it slowly and I'm listening for noises," Hawley admitted.

Needless to say, it's a visitor this family won't forget!

"There's no bears welcome in the house," Hawley said laughing.

But he's not the only hungry critter around.

"Guys, watch out. It's a raccoon getting some dinner," a voice warns on a viral video of a raccoon digging around a trash can.

Yep, this New York raccoon went dumpster diving!

And the critter goes to town on a lollipop.

Yeah, it kept on licking and chewing, all the way till it was gone.

Meanwhile, check out this hungry California cupcake critter!

"Oh my God! It's in everything!" a woman screams on a cellphone video she took, which captures a rat roaming a California cupcake bakery after hours!

"That's a big old rat, too," customer Andy Martinez said. "Man, that's gross!"

The bakery blamed the incident on other businesses in the area having a problem with rodents.

Now the cupcake place just hopes the rat is done dining there.

Lastly, a peacock walks into a bar— no, make that a liquor store. Yeah, a California peacock wreaked havoc inside a liquor store!

"And it flew towards me," store manager Rani Ghanem recalled. "I didn't know they could actually fly! But it flew towards me and landed on top of the ice cream freezer."

Ghanem called animal control, and $500 in wine and champagne damage later, the pesky peacock was safely captured and then released.

That must have been one thirsty bird!