Maine City Hall reopens after disgruntled resident tosses bed bugs into building

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AUGUSTA, Maine — There's more than one way to bug city hall!

"It was extremely shocking," City of Augusta spokesperson Matt Nazar said.

Maine City Hall had to be shut down after a man went berserk and threw bed bugs all over the place.

The guy was apparently 'bugged' about his housing, so he threw down a plastic cup of the creepy crawlers onto a service counter.

"Our general assistance staff member initially thought it was coffee grounds that he had dumped on the counter," Nazar explained. "And then some of the coffee grounds started moving."

The city hall staff sprang into action and began scooping up all the nasty visitors.

"There were some that were crawling on the counter," Nazar said. "Some were dead, so there were well in excess of 100 live and dead bugs that some, like I said were crawling away."

Then the guy tried to make a clean break.

"Our code enforcement officer followed him [and] called 9-1-1. The police ended up stopping the gentleman outside in the parking lot," Nazar said.

Pest control had to be called in for the entire building. Officials were afraid the man may have dropped some more bugs on the way out.

Now the building is back open again, and everyone is thinking just one thing: don't let the bed bugs bite!