Locals celebrate the signing of Josue Flores Senate Bill 195

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HOUSTON-- It is hard to find the positive in a murder especially the murder of an innocent child like 11-year-old Josue Flores.

It was just about a year ago, the Houston boy was stabbed 20 times while walking home from school.

Today, local Northside activists gathered together to celebrate the signing of a bill to protect kids like Josue.

On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 195. SB195, which sets aside funding for the transportation of Texas children who walk to and from school in high crime neighborhoods.

"This child's life will not be taken in vain" said Stella Mireles Walters from Safe Walk Home Northside. The bill is being nicknamed the Josue Flores Bill.

Members of Safe Walk Home Northside started keeping an extra set of eyes out in the area.

"We cleaned up a lot of street problems, we stopped a lot of drug activity, we made a lot things happen to help the students here" said Mireles Walters.

Even though little Josue may be gone, his spirit will be keeping Texas children safe for years to come.