Houston median home sale price at all-time high

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HOUSTON- According to Houston Association of Realtor's May 2017 report, there's been a 28 percent increase in the sales of luxury houses compared to 2016.

"Roughly since the election we've seen the $750,000 market and above see some increases anytime you have an election and possibly change happening, people tend to sit back and wait to see...in addition, we've seen the energy market, oil prices stabilize some in the last several months and so, I think those are all factors," said HAR Realtor, Chaille Ralph.

This marks the 7th consecutive month of rising luxury sales.

"The price point in Houston is much better than some places in the country and so it's important that people understand what they can buy here compared to what they can buy in other parts of the country," said Ralph.

But it's not just the wealthy shelling out the dough, people buying single-family homes has increased by 11.5 percent from last year.

"Your money goes a lot longer way here, you can spend $750,000 on like a cardboard box in New York and you can get a two-story house with an elevator and a pool, like you just get so much more and a lot of people want more for their money," said Paige Jackson.

Overall, there's been a 12.3% increase in sales of all property types.

"People are leaving California at high rates and Texas has been one of the top places, especially Houston, has been one of the top places they've been coming," said Katie Herring.

So, whether you're a baller looking for a crazy crib or just searching for a starter home.

It looks like more, and more, people are calling Houston home.