LeNôtre culinary institute hosts 2nd annual ‘Puratos Sandwich Competition’

HOUSTON - The Culinary Institute LeNôtre hosted the Second Annual Puratos Sandwich Competition Tuesday.

Eight of the school's previous and current culinary students reached the finals from a field of about 50 people.

On the finals stage, the participants created new sandwiches using Puratos bread products.

"The competition experience is vital," said the host of the event, Chef Michael Gabriel. "I believe competition provides just the right amount of push. Whether you lose or win, it's going to provide growth. Friendly competition is the best competition."

There was a total of $2,500 in scholarship money up for grabs.

Luis Marenco earned first place, pocketing $1,000 for his "Loaded Breakfast Sandwich" entry, which featured bacon, sausage, cheddar and chimichurri sauce.