Maggie’s Must-Haves: Gifts for the ‘Foodie’ Fathers

HOUSTON -- Instead of buying your dad his favorite candy or getting him a gift card to a restaurant he loves, do something a little different like Hexclad cookware for his foodie side.

Here's why Maggie likes it: dads can be rough with cookware, but this is tough!

It blends tri-ply stainless steel with a patented, non-stick surface to provide durable, high-performance every time you cook with it.
· Faster heating and greater heat retention
· Combines performance & durability
· Lower energy use, longevity and strength
· Ultra-effective nonstick surface without the use of a lot of oil
· Stay-cool handle
· Dishwasher safe
· it's $79.99 and includes a lifetime warranty

Then a cool thing would be to cook with your dad using your new cookware.

Click here to purchase.

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