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Maggie’s Must-Have: Mistbox is your AC’s new best friend

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HOUSTON -- Temps are going up and so is your utility bill. Well not anymore thanks to this Maggie's Must-Have, the Mistbox.

Mistbox, a connected energy-saving device for your air-conditioner, is launching their second version on Kickstarter today as a service to help lower your cooling bills. Mistbox attaches to your existing AC in minutes, and utilizes evaporative cooling to begin immediately optimizing your AC’s energy efficiency.

In an independent study conducted by Intertek, the global leader in consumer goods testing, Mistbox was tested on a new AC unit in varying climate conditions. The results showed Mistbox was able to increase AC efficiency by 20-38%.

The second generation of Mistbox will be available in August as a low-cost subscription-based service. Starting as low as $10, the subscription includes the hardware and replacement filters, which minimizes the upfront cost for homeowners, allowing them to see immediate savings. Mistbox offers payment options designed to be compatible with any household budget:

  • $10 monthly payment option
  • $99 pre-paid annual subscription
  • $399 purchase option plus $49 annual subscription covering filters and more

Subscriptions require a one-time activation fee, but Kickstarter backers will be able to take advantage of early bird savings and have the $39 activation fee waived.

Many connected devices, such as smart thermostats, only save energy when their owners are involved.  Mistbox however, uses its sensor array, climate information and a learning algorithm to manage itself, maximizing savings for your AC with no change whatsoever to your daily habits. The device connects to an outside water supply and sprays a fine mist of treated water to boost efficiency by pre-cooling the intake air of the condenser.  The company enlisted top water treatment experts to help develop their custom water treatment system, a vital component for the health of Mistbox and the AC unit alike.

The eco-friendly product is powered by a specially designed wind turbine generator, allowing it to operate off the grid by using the exhaust air from the condenser fan for power.

Mistbox is universally compatible with systems of all styles and sizes. The device connects using cellular network, so no clumsy WI-FI setup, and features a mobile app that provides energy consumption insights. Users can track their usage and pull real-time reporting straight from the app.

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