Be Prepared: Tropical Storm Bret forms off coast of Venezuela

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HOUSTON – All eyes are on the southern Gulf of Mexico for the next few days. Tropical Storm Bret has officially formed off the coast of Venezuela.

2017 is the first year the National Hurricane Center is issuing products for Potential Tropical Cyclones. Sunday marked the first time the products were issued and were in conjunction with the developing system off the Windward Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It was uncertain whether the system in the Gulf would be Bret or Cindy. It all depended on which system developed into a well-defined, closed, center of circulation with winds greater than 39 mph first.

The area in question currently sits over the Yucatan Peninsula.

The system was already producing winds of tropical storm force along with very heavy rain on the eastern side. The plume of tropical moisture extended well east and north of the potential center, and that is going to be something that could impact our area over the next few days.

Take a look at some rainfall projections as of Monday morning:

Keep in mind this is just one model and we are still talking about an extended period of time, but you can see the threat of  heavy rainfall amounts especially on the south and eastern side of the map.